Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Am Not a Body. I Am Free.

When we know we are not our body, we are free.
When we know we are not our personality, we are free.
When we know we are not our education, we are free.
When we know we are not our family, we are free.

I am not a body.
I am free.
I am as God created me.
It is only this my mind obeys.
(From A Course in Miracles.)

“We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”
If this is so, then we can stop attaching to our physical experience.
We can let go of the pain, of aging, illness and physical disability.
We can remember first we are here to be Love in our world.

When attached to physical ability, looks and energy as our Being, we become afraid and depressed.
When we lose sight of our spiritual Essence we forget to reclaim the power of Love within us.
When we focus on our health based on what we do and make, we lose our value and self worth.
When we judge and compare our achievement, fame and finances, we miss the Truth.

Life is enjoyed when we are capable of doing what we are called to do.
We may get stuck in fulfilling the expectations of others.
We may believe the ways of worldly competition.
We may hold judgments of ourselves based on others’ opinions.
We may neglect our spiritual nature and shut down our inner light.

When we listen within, there is always a way to return to the essence of our Being.
We are endowed with many gifts and talents.
These gifts may change form throughout our lives.
And when we honor who we are and the love we came to share, we know great peace and happiness.

This is a life lesson requiring us to let go of the world’s evaluation and beliefs.
This comes with forgiveness of our own self judgments and letting go.
This is learned when we realize our lasting value on earth is the heritage of Love we leave.
This is remembered when we know Love created us as Love for the purpose of Loving.

And so it is, I concede.
I am here to be a Loving Reminder,
And so are You.
Each in our own way…….

Life is for Giving.
You are the Gift.

Betty Lue