Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Life

Heaven or hell?
Your attitude will tell.
What we seek, we find.
When we look for Good, we see it.

When we look into the light, we see light.
When we look with delight, we feel delighted.
When we want to be right, we see no wrong.
When we believe we can sing, we hear a sweet song.

Life is Good, when…….
We believe it can be good.
We know we deserve Goodness.
We look for the Good.
We appreciate all the Goodness we see.

Life is “yucky”, when…..
We believe it is difficult, dangerous and serious.
We think we are bad and undeserving.
We look for the pain and problems.
We dismiss the Good and wait for the bad to Come.

How can we change our attitude?
We must envision the Good Life we want.
We must believe it is possible to have.
We must really want to have a Good life.
We must forgive ourselves and feel deserving.
We must consistently seek to see the Good in all things.
We must actively live in a Godly and good way.
We must appreciate every Good deed, Good word, Good idea and Good experience.

Life is a co-creative experience.
We are creating our experience with our imagination, our words and affirmations and our activities.
We are here to create what is good, healthy and beautiful for all, including ourselves.

Loving our creativity,
Betty Lue