Thursday, July 23, 2009


Do you give to those who give to You?
Do you recognize you are creating when you give?
Do you know you are teaching others by your giving?
Do you realize that giving strengthens both the giver and receiver?

When we give, we are amplifying and increasing.
When we give, we are honoring and appreciating.
When we give, we are flowing and trusting.
When we give, we are nourishing and prospering.

Whatever we give, is given to both to giver and receiver.
However we give, is received by both giver and receiver.
Giving and receiving are opening the circle, the flow.
Giving is a gift of Prosperity when given with Gratitude and Joy.

It is the gratitude in the gift that benefits.
It is the emotion of the giver that is transmitted.
It is the blessing of the giver that blesses both.
It is the trust within the giver that inspires.

“Love makes the world go round.”
It is in our Giving that we keep life flowing.
It is in our Giving that we benefit all humanity.
It is in our Give that we empower ourselves.

When we live in a state of Giving, we fulfill our life purpose.
When we remember to give the Gift we are, we increase our own Givingness.
When we expand and express our True Self, we teach others to do the same.
When we celebrate all Gifts, given and received, we Love Life.
Every bill paid can be seen as a gift.
Every contribution given is your gratitude extended.
Every act of service is a gift of your loving kindness.
Every statement of appreciation and respect, is a gift which increases what is valued.

Every breath you take with thankfulness, is a gift to life itself.
Every meal you eat with respectful awareness is a gift to that which provides.
Every care you take to create beauty and order in your home, your car, your world, is a gift of Love.
Every moment you honor your self (mind, body and Sprit) with the best you know, is a gift to Creator.

Every “thanks” you give to those who take the time to serve you, is a gift of all who serve.
Every dollar you contribute to that which inspires you to be your best, is a gift of encouragement.
Every moment you spend in positive prayer adds to the world more healing and grace.
Every act you give of gratitude and respect, teaches humanity to remember Life is for Giving!.

Our Power is in Giving.
Our Protection is in Giving.
Our Presence is in Giving.
Our Prosperity is in Giving.

May we all learn the Value of Joyous Giving,
Betty Lue