Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Formula for Inspired Living

Goal: Peace of God = KNOW YOURSELF
To have the simple and single focus of being the Piece of God We Are.
No inner conflict. No doubt. No fear. Clarity about who You are.

Purpose: Be Happy
Happiness is Freedom. Freedom is Choice. Choice is Being True to OneSelf.

Function: Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness and Inner Peace.
Forgive everything and everyone. Clear all obstacles to peace.
Create a life that supports and sustains inner peace and happiness.

Signs of Peace:
When you know this and live this, you will be whole, happy and free giving the Love you are wherever you are to everyone. You will be free to release and erase all “mistakes and choose again to trust yourself.
You will Love yourself and your life.
Yu will choose the life that is fun, safe and easy.
You will remember You Are Love.


While all of this sounds a bit esoteric, you might begin with the basic and essential questions.

Essential questions to begin your spiritual journey:
· Who Are You?
· Why Are You Here?
· What do you do everyday to discover and remember?
· Who or what do you trust to guide you?
· What do you need to support you in living your Holy Purpose?

Know ThySelf has been stated many times by many philosophers and teachers.
To Thine Own Self Be True has been related for many generations.
What will it take for us to realize, this is your holy and healing work!

Life is an adventure.
We can attach to winning or succeeding at the worldly games………
Or we can identify with the spiritual goal of achieving the Peace of God.
We are free to choose again anywhere along the path.

Enjoy the worldly challenges and delight in the spiritual journey,
Betty Lue