Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Change and Transformation

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

· Utilize Nature to heal and fill your life energy and bring peace.
· Utilize Forgiveness to clear any mistakes or misunderstandings.
· Utilize Gratitude to fully experience and enjoy the Goodness that is.
· Utilize your whole and Holy Self to remember the Love You Are.

Change and Transformation

If you don’t like the way your life is going, stop and change direction.
If you don’t like the emotions you have, stop and forgive your self.
If you don’t like the thoughts you are thinking, stop and choose another focus.
If you don’t like the words you are speaking, stop and find respect and kindness within.

You see it all begins and ends with the choices you make.
There is never anyone else who is in control of your life.
No one can make you feel or think, speak or act anyway except You!
You are the author of your life.

When you know that your Will sets the direction and focus of your life,
you may discover that you don’t always know what is best for you.
When you forgive your errors, you will then give your Spirit and inner guidance the lead.
You will trust your Will be aligned with the Will of God, the Highest Good.

You may notice that I assign different names to this Highest Power.
I choose to call It by no name and many names, so you will know it matters not.
Higher Power, Inner Guidance, Holy Spirit, God, Goodness, Love ItSelf, All That Is.
No matter to what you assign your direction, always give it to the Highest for All.

Our error is to think from our little and limited human perspective, we can know.
Our mistake is to believe that our history will teach us how to avoid obstacles.
Our undoing is to defend ourselves against the offenders we have created.
When we can forgive our judged and feared miscreations, we can choose again.

It is in recognizing what is real that we can do.
It is in owning our connection with Source we must make.
It is in erasing our wrongs we can easily choose.
It is in changing our minds that our lives will be found.

Changing course by honoring the course of happiness and inner peace is our direction.
Changing our minds will heal our lives and our relationships with others.
Changing outer authority and history to inner authority and present moment Loving will transform us.
Changing our lack, littleness and limitation into abundant Goodness, true Greatness and freedom will guide our way.

Indeed life can be fun, safe and easy, when we stop struggling, seeking and stressing.

Life is Good when given to the All Good,
Blessed be,
Betty Lue