Monday, July 20, 2009

Awareness with Love is Healing!

When you tell your story, tell it with the intention of forgiving all judgment.
When you listen to someone’s problem, listen with the intention of releasing all fear.
When you are helping someone, help by extending your inner peace.
When you ask for healing, request that the listener erase the fear and hold you in love.

Where there is judgment, there we are stuck with memories, pain, suffering and the archived history.
Where there is fear, we are left with the residue in our body and in our mind.
Where there is guilt or self-condemnation, we simply sit in the pain of the past.
Where there is blame, anger and resentment, we are locked into the negative energy and cause dis-ease.

The healing is in clearing what was.
The healing is in undoing what no longer is.
The healing is in receiving the gifts in the present.
The healing is in forgiving what is not true.

Often we think by commiserating with someone we are helping.
We may believe that is in emoting our strong feelings, we will be healed.
Or we may want someone to agree with our judgment and help us get even.
We may even believe we are righteously right about our perceptions.

When we agree to judge, we both get stuck in withholding Love.
When we agree to blame, we lose the power of healing.
When we agree to remember the story to learn a lesson, we are not free.
When we agree to a fixed opinion or diagnosis, we get locked into our believed outcome.

If healing is wanted:
When you listen to pain or problem, seek a way to forgive all judgments.
When you tell your story, ask that it be released and forgotten.
When you seek to help another, let go of their beliefs in harm, disaster and a fearful perception.
When you ask for healing from another, ask them to see you healed, whole and holy.

If being stuck in pain, problems and disease has some value:
Listen to others seeking agreement with their story.
Seek friends and therapists who will honor your perceived judgments.
Help others by remembering and reminding them of the history and what was their truth.
Seek out healers who are fixated on fixing the problem because they are more scared than you are.

Now if I am helper and healer, what can I do to be truly helpful?
I listen with peace and understanding comes.
I listen with love and respect for their perception comes.
I listen with forgiveness on the situation and I see the goodness, the gift and the blessing.

If I am in need of help and healing, where do I go?
I seek one who is faithful to Truth.
I seek one who knows all things are possible to those who believe.
I seek One who has chosen to love, not fear.

For I know, Awareness (shining the spiritual Light on what is) with Love (the forgiveness of all fear) is healing and reveals the gift and blessing of Spirit.

And so it is, I am grateful to be free to see and experience the Truth!

Loving You,
Betty Lue