Thursday, June 18, 2009

Which Way Are You Looking?

It is dangerous to move forward when you are looking backward.
It is difficult to find light in the darkness.
It is foolish to believe what others what others are saying to please you.
It is crazy to keep doing what you have always done and expect a different result.

We can only see where we are going by looking in that direction.
If we are going toward the light, we will be guided by the light.
To buy into what is said to avoid our disapproval or unhappiness encourages surface conversation.
To continue behaving, acting and believing the same and expect others to change is foolish.

So what can we do to look, act, think and speak in ways that produce happy results for all?

Let go of backwards thinking, historical beliefs and defending against what happened in the past.
Let the past go. It is not here. The past only repeats itself when we keep it in our mind.
Our defensive behavior keeps what we are avoiding in the forefront of our thoughts.
Whatever we focus on, we strengthen and increase. So focus on the vision, the goal, the future.

When we want help, support, encouragement, seek counsel from those who are in the light.
When we want to see where we are going, we must cast light on the subject. Think positively.
When we walking into the light in our mind or our world, we cannot see shadow unless we turn away.
Learning how to see only light to achieve pure delight is a spiritual practice.

To believe the words someone speaks and neglect to look at their behavior, we are naive.
Even little children learn to some what is acceptable to others and even wanted by others.
Adults rarely know their own deeper truth, because it has never been safe to look.
If we want to assist others in knowing and speaking what is really inside, their inner truth, we must offer a consistent safe and accepting place of non-judgment and respectful listening.

To have a different outcome, to affect change in a relationship or situation, we must change.
To hope, pray, demand or expect others to change just because we want it, will yield disappointment.
We can only control our selves. We must be willing to change our minds and our behavior.
Letting go of our demands and expectations of others and focusing on shifting our own consciousness will always produce positive results when we our willing to do the Work!

All healing, transformation, change and success begins within us.
Change your mind and you change your life.
Change your words and you change your relationship.
Change your behavior and you change your world.

Blessing us in our willingness to be the Ones,
Betty Lue