Sunday, June 14, 2009

School’s Out

(Notes for my talk at Unity on the Delta this morning!)
This was written Saturday eve.

Are we done yet?
Have we finished with the hard part?
When can I just watch TV and play?
How about a snack and a little time on the internet?
Can’t I just be done with all this growth stuff?

What will graduation look like?
What will life be when we are finished?
Are we willing to do the work?
What’s the payoff for doing all this spiritual work?

Let’s consider this.
Life is a university, a school of learning.
We are here to unlearn what is made up.
We are here to remember what is real.
Life gives us the opportunity to go along with the standard program or to choose a higher education.

What are our choices?
We can conform to what those around us aspire to be and do or we can choose the high way.
We can agree to the beliefs that are promoted by those around us or we can listen within.
We can serve the needs of humanity or we can honor the will of God and follow the path of Love.
We can pass on the mistakes of our forefathers or forgive them all and choose again for the Light.
We can see life as a burden and suffer with the gravity of it all or we can live free with delight.
We can approach the problems that appear to be as serious and difficult or decide to breathe with trust.
We can let every crisis be a crossroads of choice for the old way or choose a new path of faith.
We can let ourselves down with disappointment or lift ourselves up with appreciation.

Life is a schooling.
When we look forward to each learning, we enjoy the process.
When we resist or fear the lessons, we feel besieged with burden.
When we appreciate each person and situation as our teacher, we listen and learn with ease.
When we resent the teachers and the lessons, we are stuck with painful consequences of ignorance.
When we compete to be the best or get there first, we lose the opportunity to learn teamwork.
When we try to be the teacher’s favorite, we miss the student teachers who may have more to teach us.
When we look forward to the playground, we may miss the lessons at lunch.
When we can’t waste time sharpening our pencils and getting ready to learn, we may need a pen.

How long does it take?
Did you get it yet?
What does It look like and feel Like?
Can it be that there is nothing to get and we are here to get that there is nothing to get?
Can it be that we already have what we are here to be and do and have?
Can it be that life is a merry-go-round where enjoying the ride is the graduation?

Let’s be amazed and amused and see what gratitude and inner peace bring.

This morning I wrote the following .....When I actually give the Sunday talk, I let go of my notes and let the inner teacher teach what is being called forth by all of us who choose to listen. Much the same as I write these reminders. I let go and allow my inner voice to write these words to you and me and those who are called to read them. Loving us all!

Are you willing to be willing to let go of the false lessons you have been living and teaching?
Are you ready to recognize what you have been teaching with everything you think, say and do?
Are you aware of the difference between the fear of humanity and the Love of God?
Are you understanding the need to forgive, release and undo everything that is not true?

How does a good student learn?

Are you willing to hear God’s Voice within you?
Are you Open to God’s Will? (for Goodness sake!)
Are you receptive to God? (worthy of only Good Stuff!)
Are you patient with yourself in learning? ( no more self-criticism_
Are you trusting in your inner teacher? ( believing there is spiritual wisdom in you!)
Are you honest with yourself and your teacher? (no self deception or pretending!)
Are you holding no defenses or barriers between you and your Teacher? (fully self disclosing!)
Are you appreciative of all you are learning? (grateful for all the lessons in illusion and truth)
Are you faithful and consistent in listening within? (Regular time to listen to your inner voice)
Are your happy and willing to learn? (like an innocent and curious child!)
Are you gentle and kind with yourself and others in the learning process? (Learning is fun, safe and easy!)

Resistant students will eventually get it and learn the lessons of Love, but the process may seem to take longer (maybe lifetimes) and have more bumps in the road. Those who depend totally on themselves and the limitations of the fear-based egoic personality and physical body and the world we see may be frustrated with the variability of results in their flailing attempts at mastering this temporary condition.

It is in our modeling of being an attentive and appreciative student that we best help others.
When we are willing to acknowledge our mistakes and forgive them easily and quickly, we demonstrate the simple process of effective learning. When we are happy willing learners, we are the best teachers.

I love to learn.
I am willing to listen and follow my inner teacher.
I am open and trusting of the Good that is ours.

Betty Lue