Saturday, June 13, 2009

School’s Out

It is the perfect time to take the time to really learn something.
School’s out, summer is here.
Time for vacation from business as usual.
It’s time to relax and reflect.

What are you learning?
What have you accomplished?
What needs to be undone?
What calls to be done?

When we are busy with our schedules and agendas, there is little time to assess and evaluate.
We are often in jet lag with our own spiritual development, because we are to busy to see.
When we are preoccupied with everyone else’s needs, requests and demands, we fail to listen to our own.
We are often consumed with fulfilling the promises, agreements, expectations of others.

School in the worldly sense has breaks from the required activities of everyday life.
When we step away from our daily schedule, we have a hiatus in which to relax and renew.
However in the spiritual life, there is no lack of learning.
As awakening and conscious beings, we are here to observe, forgive unconsciousness and choose again.

The continuum of learning and growth shows up mostly in the undoing of the false.
When we find a path that leads to unhappiness, pain or resentment, we are called to step away
When we think, speak or act in unkind ways, we feel guilt and need to forgive and choose again.
When we step into situations which are destructive, negative or hurtful, we learn to stop ourselves.

Often we are captured by the competition of being better than another.
Or we seek to get more attention, approval, money or rewards than others.
Perhaps we seek for more excitement, more adventure, more happiness, more of whatever we value.
We will learn over time, to expand the value of what we have with full appreciation.

It is in valuing that we reclaim and renew the value.
It is in appreciating that we expand and increase the Good.
It is in forgiving that we undo what is not really True and claim what is.
It is in choosing that we claim our natural inheritance of Beauty, Harmony Goodness and Wholeness,

So every grade and every graduation becomes another opportunity to see where we have been, how far we have come and still to appreciate exactly where we are.

School’s out, but the learning and unlearning never ends.
Beginning again and enjoying every moment,
Betty Lue