Friday, June 19, 2009

My Judgments Mean Nothing

Judgments, opinions and beliefs get us stuck.
We try to be right and make others wrong.
We think we know what is best for others.
We want to get agreements from others.

Judgments, opinions and beliefs become stronger.
We tend to see, imaging and defend against what we believe.
Our fears and righteousness separates us from the Truth.
They put blinders on our vision until we choose to see things differently.

We cannot possibly see from a high viewpoint (as God sees.)
We are not open to other points of view.
We cannot understand the history of everyone nor their choices.
We do not know what gifts are present when our beliefs are limiting.

When we know our judgments do not work, we need to let them go.
When we realize they separate us from others, we must open our hearts.
When we see judgments condemn or build a dam, we need to forgive ourselves.
When we recognize that judgment shuts down love, we can be willing to see things differently.

A brilliant exercise for anyone lost in the judging mind and the judging world, is to remind yourself.
Every time you or anyone casts their limited “judgment”, say… "My (your) judgment means nothing.”
Once you are constantly aware that almost all thoughts are judgments, you can begin to clear them.
The quiet mind is open to simply perception of what is. (That’s interesting. Ahh! I see.)

Life teaches us to judge to protect ourselves from what we fear.
School teaches us to judge, evaluate and compare ourselves with others, seeing better and worse.
Parents teach us to see ourselves as being good or being bad.
Work teaches us to evaluate ourselves based on who is best.

What if we recognize the job of our minds is to judge, but we can see beyond what our mind judges.
What if we know the Essence of life is perceiving Goodness and drawing it forth.
What if we see our real work is to offer freedom and trust so others can explore fully Being themselves.
What if we undo our need to place demands and duties on ourselves and others based on our judgments.

Is it time for you to love yourself fully and freely, always trusting you are living the best you know?
Is it time for you to accept and respect others simply because they are living what they know?
Is it time to give everyone a nonjudgmental and safe space in which to heal and learn and grow?
Yes, all our judgments, opinions and beliefs really do mean nothing when we see what really is Real!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Yes, the world is full of judgments which offer encouragement and praise...but when we judge it hurts and shuts down our energy and theirs.........The pictures below, show how much little people simply want to be helpful and try new things to make us all happy.

Amazing what two 4 yr. olds and their 2 1/2 yr old brother can do to make Mommy’s car new again. Supervision is doing the squirting. Giving them a buck and small rags and sponges and lots of cheering and “Good work” and “ wow”. “You guys are great!”
And Yes, we helped too, to get the missing spots and up high!!.

This was Lila’s idea.
She said Mommy would love it. And we could all work together on a team!!