Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Body Stuff Responses

Another perspective for a friend (ACIM teacher and Ministry student) who wrote:
"I definitely need to explore my options for "seeming" limitations and pain I am experiencing.
I trust where Spirit is leading in this, as I continue seeking healing for all aspects of my perceptions."

Remember, you are not your body.
You are as God created you, whole and happy and free.
Your body has limitations.
What would you do if your car stopped working?
Would you buy a new car or take it to the repair shop or use it to until it stops being useful?

Remember, the grass is always greener elsewhere when we are judging where we are and who we are.
Most choices for change are based on an inner lack of gratitude.........

Our friend also writes: "This seeming human body frustrates me. These human limitations do not display God's presence in any way, shape or form. I have felt that if I were living as my True Self, there would NOT be any limitations in my physical body as well....as there can not be a separation.
Obviously, that is not what is appearing in this world. I show many "problems'.
That frustrates me and shows my impatience with.....well many things."

The body is not who we are.
We abuse our body with our unloving thoughts and use it in unloving ways.
Anytime we judge or criticize anything or anyone, we are attacking.
When we are unhappy, complaining, critical, demanding, we are attacking ourselves and our creations.
Our life is ours to create or destroy. The body is a communication vehicle for communicating Love.
To heal our minds, we must Love it or forgive it (and ourselves) and choose again.

There are many who have body aches, pains, unexplained illnesses, even chronic diseases.
There are many who have mental and emotional concerns and difficult experiences.
There are those of us who in our aging process experience limitation of physical mobility and strength.
There are those of us who have released ourselves from fixing, curing and covering the physical stuff.

Is it possible that there is spiritual life that must be attended to with our positive regard and appreciation?
Is it possible this is a time where conscious beings, light workers and those who serve need to use our healed minds, rather than our physical doingness?
Is it possible that with the absence of judgment on what is, what appears to be, we can find more effective ways to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God and Good?
Is it possible we are learning all healing comes from the mind and is of the mind?

We know the body vehicle is laid aside when it has served its holy and healing purpose.
We know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
We know that forgiveness erases everything that is not of God.
We know that we are here to remember to give and receive Love no matter what.

So let’s let it be so with all appears to be and all that is,
Betty Lue