Saturday, June 20, 2009

Am I Writing This to You?

Maybe?? You will know!
Everything I write is for me first.
Every message anyone sends verbally, mentally or in writing is first for the messenger.
Too often we assume that all messages are for all for us.

When a feast is set before you, don’t assume you need to eat anything or everything.
When the world offers you unlimited opportunities, don’t believe you need to try them all.
When we read a book or hear a respected speaker, don’t buy into all he teaches and preaches.
When a friend or family member gives you advice, don’t automatically believe its “right” for you.

There are an infinite number of rays of the sun.
There are an infinite number of paths home to the Source.
There are a myriad of opportunities and choices to make.
There are lots of possible courses of action to take.

Each one of us must learn to discern what fits for us.
Listen to our heart song.
Be honest with ourselves about our biases and beliefs.
Be willing to open our viewpoint and see things differently.

When I sit at the compute each morning for the last ten years, I simply wait quietly for a topic to come.
The date and title are written and the words simply come.
As I type, the message is revealed to me.
I own the pieces of truth that come through as what works for me in my life experience and those I Know.

When I send these Loving Reminders to now thousands around the earth, I know they touch lives.
When I write these Loving Reminders for myself, I know they remind me and I feel blessed.
Now the choice is yours…….If the message reminds you, teaches you, touches you, it is for you!
And to let go of what does now belong to you, simply press the delete button.

Just as in life, most messages are for the egos who write them, speak them, and demonstrate them.
Most messages are not meant to inspire, teach, remind, love and lift up humanity.
So why eat food and messages that are not healthy and life-giving for you?
Become a conscious chooser and learn to discern what is really Good for you.

So many choices.
So many voices.
When will I learn.
I need to discern.

Loving you,
Betty Lue