Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Can You Do?

If you see something that needs to be done, it is yours to do.
What do you see that needs to be corrected?
What do you see that calls for attention?
What do you want to fix or change?

If you see it, what are you to do?
When you tell someone what they should do about it, they feel criticized.
When you make someone feel guilty, they tend to withdraw or blame.
When you put someone in position of being wrong, they may believe you.

How can we be truly helpful?
By trusting that everyone is doing the best they know in each moment.
By recognizing that only we can change our own mind.
By valuing our perception and responding in the most helpful and healing way we know.

How can we encourage, educate, inspire and support others to participate and take responsibility?
Appreciate and value what others do.
Openly acknowledge how you learn from the mistakes you make.
Create opportunities to offer help and encourage others to be helpful.

Ignoring something that is needed encourages ignorance.
Responding with energy and enthusiastic helpfulness encourages the same.
Giving your best and keeping your agreements inspires others to contribute their best.
Valuing the efforts that others make and trusting in their best intentions is rewarding and inspiring.

Do what you can do.
Give others credit for what they do.
Offer help only when you can do it without criticism.
Be happy and willing to step in when others will appreciate the support.

Loving you and me in responding with respect and appreciation when there appears to be a need,
Betty Lue