Monday, May 25, 2009

Remember the Good

What we remember, we strengthen in ourselves and others.
What we remember, we enhance and amplify.
What we remember, we hold in our minds and attract in our lives.
What we remember, we allow to inspire us and create more.

On this day, we are free to choose what we wish to remember.
We can choose to bless, to forgive, to appreciate, to lift up.
What we hold in our memory is a tribute to those we remember.
So let us give our best to those who have gone before us.

If we dwell on the negatives, the hardships, the pain, we feel depleted.
If we remember the good, the contribution, the gift given, we feel blessed.
If we focus on what we want to eliminate, it stays in our mind and will be repeated.
If we remember what we want to continue, it will grow naturally and be enhanced.

Let’s remember the blessings of liberty and justice that are growing around the world.
Let’s focus on the good that many unsung heroes and ordinary people are doing.
Let’s appreciate how humanity is awakening to the creative potential within.
Let’s celebrate the transformation in attitudes of political leaders and nations.
Let’s give thanks for those who have served and are now serving to protect civil liberties.
Let’s honor all who have pioneered with mistakes, forgiveness, learning and wisdom.
Let’s send out blessings to those who have died for the love of all people.
Let’s be glad our nation is turning toward working with all peoples as partners in peace.
Let’s let the past be past while remembering the blessings of our heritage and history.

Let remember Good and the goodness of Those who seek to do Good for the Good of All.
Betty Lue

Home from Alaskan Vacation.
We are very glad to be home with our full lives.
Learned lots about ourselves.
We prefer a life of contribution and service.
We love our natural resources and beauty.
We so appreciate all the cultures and native peoples.
We are grateful there are so many environmentally conscious communities and cultures.
We celebrate the incredible beauty and goodness we see all around us.
We are happy for ourselves, as a tribute to our mothers, to have visited the expansive beauty of Alaska.

I love being home with you, Loving Reminders at my fingertips, a day of creating and relating and always Loving You and All that Is.
Betty Lue
Pictures coming soon.