Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

“Give your Self to Love and Love will Give to You.”

Everyone has a Mother.
Whether you know your mother or not, you grew in her womb.
Whether she loved and nurtured you the way you think you wanted, you are here now.
Whether you like her behavior, she did the best she knew.
And perhaps you are the aware and good person you are because of your early mother experiences.

Over many years and many hours of listening to people’s stories of their early experiences, it seems apparent that what hurts us is our lack of love and appreciation for those who brought us into this world.
After consideration of the alternatives, it seems likely that we each chose the parenting we experienced.
And with our forgiveness and gratitude, we can embrace and celebrate the “rightness” of our choice.
What shapes us is the attitude with which we embrace or reject what was our beginning, our creation.

Everyone is a Mother.
Like it or not, male or female, young or old, all of us are creating ideas, projects, opportunities and love.
All of us nurture, coo, nourish, care for and foster many people, pets, plants, meals, conversations, etc.
The mothering instinct is to protect and defend, to feed and to provide warmth, to encourage and support.
While this may not happen with those we birth, we reach out to love and care for many.
The blood family bond may not be ideal, but there will be those we mentor, coach, encourage and support.

Family systems are usually idealized into being parents providing wisdom and parenting for the children.
However, in many instances, the children parent and provide wisdom and inspiration for their parents.
Many children care for the home and their siblings.
Many children look out for the safety of their parents and the family home.
Many children begin mothering when siblings are born.
Let’s celebrate ourselves and the many ways we mother and encourage those around us.

From me to you…..
No matter your life experience…..
I want you to know …..
I love you.
I honor you.
I appreciate you.

You give more than you know.
It is in your giving to yourself and all others that you are creating a better world for all of us.
I thank you.
I bless you.

Always loving you the best I know,
Betty Lue