Saturday, May 16, 2009

God’s Country

Pure nature at its best!
It is very early spring with the deciduous trees just budding out.
Skunk cabbage with its brilliant yellow flowers is the bears’ post hibernation laxative.
Arctic Turns, a simple bird that can hover, has arrived to nest. It travels from Antartica to Alaska and back every year with a life time travel of over 600,000 miles. Amazing!
And the whales come here to breed! Brrr!
Because there is lots of food for mother to get fat and then return to warmer climates like Hawaii.
We saw a white mountain goat yesterday perched on a little ledge high in the mountains.
Birds, birds everywhere and eagles and ravens and bald eagles and sounds of spring.
Glaciers melting way too fast!
We are actually on an environmentally conscious cruise line…Celebrity the “Infinity”.
Highly recommended for those who love the natural simple beauty.
Yes, there are lots of tours and shopping at every port, but for those of us who just love the quiet and small population, this is great. Cold—37-46 degrees, but if you dress warm, its refreshing!
Body defenses beget more to defend against.
When I listen and focus on what I can give to each one in every moment, my body serves me well.
When I focus on my body experiences and symptoms and needs, I find I am distracted with thoughts, sensations and concerns that become more important that being the Presence of Loving Kindness.

Where I place my attention, I increase and strengthen.
When my attention is on hunger, I feel more hungry and am consumed with thoughts of feeding myself.
When my attention goes to an ache or fatigue, I strengthen the experience and begin seeking cause and cure.
When I judge my condition as wrong or dangerous, I then obsess on how to take better care of my body.
All of this leads to a self concerned defense system which creates ever more concern and need for attention.

By forgiving my errant thoughts, I can choose to focus my attention on Gratitude and Givingness.
When my attention is on serving, I feel truly helpful and seek to extend kindness.
When my attention is on blessing, I offer the joy in my heart with smiles and encouraging words.
When I am grateful for being full of life and love, I naturally contribute to my world and those around me.
All of this leads to an experience of connection, unity and a powerful sense of well-being and Peace.

Yes, I am learning and reminding myself of a higher Truth.
Simple is better.
Simple eating, living and loving.
Simple living without attachment or judgment.
Letting my inner Light lead me to love and trust is the key.
Forgiving all fear and stuckness is the path to happiness.

I love the way life teaches me everyday to remember only Goodness and Love will prevail.
I am loving you and will return home to my desk and morning routine on May 24-25.
Email access is irregular, and now have phone reception, but not when on the open seas.
Loving you with mighty connection of Gratitude and Peace.

Betty Lue

We will be at our Sunday Services at Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood, Sunday 5/24 10 AM.