Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Giving Is Receiving

All that I give is given to myself. (A Course in Miracles Lesson #126)

Life is for giving. What we give we receive.
When we forgive another, we are giving ourselves the gift of forgiveness.
When we serve another, we are serving ourselves.
All true “service” is truly “serving us.”

When we give the blessings we want to receive, we receive the blessings being given.
When we appreciate another’s well-being and accomplishments, we enhance our own.
When we offer healing and wholeness to someone, we receive healing from the Universe.
When we lend a helping hand, we reaffirm, we will be helped in our time of need.

Each one of us is building the world we want to be.
Each of us is doing our part in healing the world we seem to see.
Each one of us is offering forgiveness to our corner of an apparent dark work.
It is with our light, our love, that we remember what is true, beneath the illusion.

When we are afraid of being judged, rejected, punished and even killed, we hide under layers of defense.
When we are afraid we “protect” ourselves with attack and blame against others.
Our “protection” becomes our enemy as it teaches the world to attack and condemn us even more.
Our defenses betray us and beget ever more attack and fear, judgment and separation.

We lose sight of our ourselves and others as we really are.
The cover-up and protection becomes our “self-made identity” and we see and know no one.
To come out of hiding, to let the Truth shine through, we must create a “safe” world.
We must give ourselves and others a place to heal and clear away the defenses and cover-up.

To give safety is to teach the world to be a safe place.
To have no defenses is to recognize we are safe.
To teach others not to condemn comes only when we learn to stop attack.
To reveal what is Real, we must give forgiveness, peace and love we desire.

As I offer true forgiveness, I am forgiven.
As I share my appreciation, I appreciate myself.
As I give peace, I receive Peace.
As I remember Love, I am healed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue