Thursday, May 07, 2009

Being Responsible

For those who are willing to be responsible, we must be response-able.
To be able to respond, we must be healthy, happy, aware and willing.
To respond appropriately in each circumstance, we must listen within.
To respond with Loving kindness, we must forgive our judgments.

Being responsible is a life work.

If we see something that needs to be done, it is our responsibility to respond in some way.
If we have a fear or concern, we must first come to a place of peaceful willingness to respond effectively.
When we are afraid, angry or emotionally upset, our creative and helpful response is often distorted.
When we are not thinking clearly we may overreact or create more drama and less peace.

Being responsible is an opportunity to forgive.

When we notice that our world is lacking or limited, disrespectful or irresponsible, we must look within.
What we see outside can often be healed and transformed within our own mind and heart.
When we believe someone is behaving in an unloving way, we must first clean our own lives.
If what we see is a reflection of something in us, the first place to respond is to forgive ourselves.

Being responsible invites us to remember Love.

Love responds with Love to the lack of Love.
Love is patient with the healing process.
Love forgives the past and responds in the present.
Love is consistent and never quits.

Being responsible insists that we take care of ourselves first.

When we give with sacrifice or out of duty or obligation, the gift is less than whole.
When we live giving others what we have not given ourselves, others may dismiss or resist us.
When we teach and speak about what we are not living everyday, we may be seen as hypocrits.
When we are not fully receiving the gift being given, we are denying ourselves and feel resentment.

Being responsible is remembering everything is a gift of learning, healing, blessing and creating for us.

Offer everyone at all times, the best you know in each situation.
Listen within for the highest way to respond to each perceived need.
Sometimes we are called to act, sometimes to speak, sometimes to pray, sometimes to do nothing.
When we listen to our inner voice, our intuition we find great peace and joy-filled appreciation.

Being responsible means to be present, to notice, to act or speak and to let go and trust.

Being conscious and awake is our responsibility.
Being aware and observing is our responsibility.
Being willing to follow the voice of kindness and respect is our responsibility.
Being open to letting go with blessing and trust is our responsibility.
Yes, all of life is our responsibility. We need not add burden or sacrifice, stress or demand, we need merely respond in each moment to the unmade bed, the dishes unwashed, the gratitude not expressed, the smile that is missing. Respond right now to everything and everyone in the most loving way you know.

Bless you for your willingness,
Betty Lue