Monday, April 27, 2009

What Inspires You?

Give to the Source of Your Good.
Give to the Place of Your Joy.
Give to the Song of Your Heart.
Give to the Life that is Abundant.

Tithing, contribution and true service is giving to that which is a gift to you.
To keep on giving, you must always be filled by the giving.
No loss, no sacrifice, no martyrdom, always and in all ways being fully blessed with giving.
When true and lasting gifts are given, there will be a feeling of fulfillment and gratitude.

What inspires one may not inspire another.
Sources of inspiration change over time.
Make sure you are not continuing to do what you have always done simply because it is expected.
Ask yourself what is giving you energy and joy right now in your life.

God’s will for us is perfect happiness.
When we share God’s Will, we recognize only what fully inspires us can we freely serve.
When we learn we are here to forgive what depletes, disappoints and distracts us, we can choose again.
When we are grateful for the Goodness, Beauty and Wholeness in our lives, we will set ourselves free.

Life is the opportunity to choose consciously.
Life is the realm of infinite possibility where what serves our happiness and inner peace, serves all.
Life is the joy of releasing anything that is not wholly true and loving and giving ourselves what is.
Life is the place of abundance, perfect happiness and inner fulfillment when we give ourselves the Best.

What is Best for you?
What inspires you?
What brings you to a place of clarity and inner peace?
What is your path of the heart?

Is it possible that you have been denying yourself what is right for you?
Is it possible that you have been following your own expectations?
Is it possible that it is time for a change?
Can you let go of what has momentum and choose for the Highest Good of all?

I am loving myself and all of us when I choose for the Happiness that is my inheritance and Good.
Blessings of great Goodness for one and all,
Betty Lue