Friday, April 17, 2009

Use It All

Life is our teacher, our student, our canvas, our grading system, our sounding board and our feedback.
Yes, your life and mine give us the opportunity daily to choose love or fear, gratitude or regret.
Life brings us what we imagine, so we can refine our inner creations.
Life reminds us we are not alone in the undoing of everything that is not true and not loving.

What we know is what we are taught, believe, experience and remember.
Is it possible that when we forgive, we know nothing?
Is it valuable to let it all go, to be open and willing to learn everything that is truly helpful?
When we clear the defenses, limiting beliefs, false perceptions and doubts, we are free.

So here is my inner world projected back to me in the world I see.
Rather than learn everything outside is real, how about seeing what appears to be as a choice.
Where I want to continue experiencing what I perceive, I appreciate and enjoy.
When I experience what I prefer to be erased, I forgive and choose again the vision I prefer.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when I believe it is possible.
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when I am fun, safe and easy with myself and others.
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when I invite images in my mind that represent fun, safety and ease.
Life can be fun, safe and easy when I forgive and release everything that is not..

How fun, safe and easy can it be?
In this world serious, dangerous and difficult stuff sells and attracts attention.
What If we simply step away from drama and tragic thoughts.
What if we send blessings of comfort and love where there is need.
What if we create inner and outer experiences that are peaceful and happy and loving.

Can it be that we are so victimized by the miscreations of our fearful minds that we actually fear what we made up?
Can it be that only by forgiving ourselves can we be free of the nightmares of our fears?
Can it be that we have hypnotized ourselves into believing the crazy constructs of our collective myths and memories are in charge?
Its like making a monster and then believing we are now victims of our mistaken miscreation.

Time to undo.
Time to remember what’s true.
Time to love ourselves into conscious creation.
Time to offer forgiveness for our foolishness.
Time to recognize we are responsible and free to choose a better way.
Time to give it all to Goodness and God.

Letting go and trusting in the Highest Vision of our heart and mind.
Blessed be all that is Good and Beautiful and Holy,
Betty Lue