Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stay True to You

When we are upset, we are have forgotten ourselves.
When we are afraid, we have separated from the Love we know.
When we are hurt or angry, we have believed in our victimization.
When we are true to ourselves, we trust and live what we know.

In this world of multiple influences (people, job, beliefs, dependencies), we are easily confused.
In our humanity and neediness, we seek approval, security, belonging, external worthiness.
In our desires for physical and emotional comfort and satisfaction, we are distracted by soothing.
In our deeper awareness for a life of lasting fulfillment and abundant happiness, we seek for more.

Each of us has a path of varying nature.
Our unique path offers healing of the past through our relationships.
Our unique path guides us to creativity or service, wisdom or mastery, power or quietude and more.
Each path, Self chosen and not remembered, moves us to expanded awareness and enlightenment.

In endless circles of interaction and self containment, we find ourselves consumed with time and space.
Caught in the sea of physical pleasures and pain, acquisitions and losses, we grow attached to more.
There are interruptions, challenges, dramas and stillness to invite us to stop and listen within.
Here in our secret place of the most high, we find peace, wisdom, guidance and home-coming.

Thus we allow life to teach us both what to relinquish and what to ingest.
Life itself conspires with us to learn and heal, to grow and contribute what is Good for All.
It is in the greater understanding that our completion benefits the Whole, not just we ourselves.
Our spiritual mastery is a gift for all to benefit humanity’s awakening for we are not separate.

Take time to step away.
Be comfortable in the silence.
Know the Self You Really Are.
Trust the place that guides from within.

And so the journey begins again.
Today and yesterday, all the same.

Living, loving, learning and letting go, as I move along this path of creative consciousness,
Betty Lue