Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Self Renewal

Spring is a time of cleansing and rejuvenation.
Some see it as clearing and fasting.
Some take a spring sabbatical for visioning.
Some just get away in nature to have fun and clear their schedule.

As I let go of my attachment to much of my scheduled activity, I feel empty and vulnerable.
As I undo everything to be seen in a new light, it appears amorphous and unclear.
As I transform my diet, my body weight and energy changes.

I feel the shift with the sun and increasing light everyday.
I watch the wind play in the trees and the birds delight and sing with the new birdfeeders.
I rejoice in the changes when I know all is in Divine order, an integral part of the renewal of Self.

The work is to let go.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
In order to freely choose again, I need to release it all to Good and to God.
To allow the spiritual Truth arise in me anew, I am called to be free.

With this renewal of Self is the renewal of my body vehicle.
Returning to the most healthy diet for me is brown rice and vegetables, mostly raw and lightly cooked.
Lots of water, fruit and brown rice cereal for breakfast, home-cooked meal at lunch and salad for supper.
Eat to live”, not live to eat.

Enjoying nature, being inspired by the little things in life, slowing down and appreciating everything.
Renewal comes with being happy and content as well as physically healthy.
And while there is a letting go of many familiar activities, like spring cleaning one’s closet, I am noticing what needs to be replaced and finding the value in completing what has been begun.

Where there is decreased interest and energy, it is easier to let go, except for the desire to not disappoint.
Where there is new energy in our new Unity Center for Inspired Living, there is ease in watching it unfold organically rather than making it happen quickly.
And now there is a new Alameda Village Preschool which has been easily moved into motion.

Life just keeps renewing itself.
Undoing, letting go and death, all a part of the renewal of Life.
If we name nothing bad or wrong, we begin to see and feel everything is simpy life unfolding.
We must die to the old Self to be reborn in Spirit.

And so it is, that Spring is a time of letting go and undoing what is not serving the Best in us.
Everyday there is an opportunity to renew the Spirit as we let go of distractions and disappointments.
We can each choose our path and purpose anew with the break of dawn by relinquishing our fears.
Let go and allow the Good in you to shine through today and everyday.

Loving you,
Betty Lue