Thursday, April 09, 2009

Public Life for a Private Person

Prayer: “May All that I share serve as an inspiration for your awakening and inspired living”.

It is interesting that I AM (Spirit within me) has chosen such an open life expressing thoughts, feelings projects, inspirations, truths, beliefs, opinions and concerns, as they come through Betty Lue each morning as I sit to at my computer. There are the blessings and benefits of teaching and learning, reaching out and touching, daring and caring beyond my personal capacity because it is the All-Loving Spirit within me that leads the way. There are the occasional personal concerns and projections, offenses and explanations needed to answer the questions of those who receive these Loving Reminders which ask me to go deep within to the place of greater compassion, connection and inner wisdom. It seems that what God calls me to do fills me with the Goodness (what I call God), that sustains and abides with me no matter what seems to be. So here I will disclose a little of my process and maybe more later as I am called. (I could probably write a book on what I have learned in just the past 24 hours.)

Life gives us lemons to make lemonade. Stopping what we are doing (no matter what the excuse) gives us the opportunity to reinvent our lives. Whatever we use to get off the merry-go-round is the chance to decide what ride we will get on next. I am in the process of relooking (the root meaning of ‘re-spect’) at my whole life as I often do during this time of year.

So let me share with you some specific awarenesses:
1) Robert went on a five day sabbatical last week, arriving home on Friday. Sabbaticals are like the symbolic seventh day of rest on Sunday, except they are usually taken as a time off from work to rest, study or travel. I apparently found my own way to take a sabbatical myself, by getting sick. I handled the activities we share until he came home to take over the last few days.
2) It is Easter week with the most profound meaning to those who admire the life of Jesus. This is often a time to die to my old self to be reborn “resurrected” into a new more awakened and renewed Self in Service to the Love and Joy I am here to remember and share. The awareness and acknowledgement of our own crucifixion and the resurrection of abundant life for all as we are reminded to forgive all mistakes, ours as well as others.
3) It is the beginning of Spring, the sign of Aries, the visionary, pioneer, builder and doer. It is the first fire sign month and the time when I with Leo Sun, Aries Rising and Libra Moon annually take time to vision the coming year, the fields to which I am called to plant, the crops as I am guided and the energy, resources and timing I am inspired to contribute.
4) It is a full moon day , April 9, where everything is intensified so that we don’[t fail to notice what is calling for celebration or attention. We can’t miss what stops us so that we can really look around at our lives and listen to our heartsong. Always a call to take impeccable care of our whole Self.
5) April 10th is our 24th anniversary, a beautiful invitation to share our hopes, dreams and vision, as well as gratitude, delightful memories and special times with one another. We have set aside two days to relook at our joined mission and purpose and how best to serve in being “on call for God”.
We are using this time to clear the calendar and start by seeing who we serve and how best to serve others as well as ourselves in honoring our holy purpose.

As you can see there are multiple learning’s, opportunities and places where this special time to rest, renew and remind myself all are serving a High and Happy Purpose! Loving myself Well!

Dear Spiritual sisters and brothers,
Your Love and well wishes are a healing balm.
Your support for the work we are doing together is a guiding light.
Your prayers of gratitude and contribution give me rest.
Your awakening and willingness to join me in abundant service gives me wings.

Thank you.
Betty Lue