Thursday, April 02, 2009

Loving Reminders

The gift of writing Loving Reminders is for me to practice constant inner connection with Spirit.
It is through sitting and writing everyday that I remember the Highest Truth, the inspiring Truth.
It is being faithful in a practice that supports an open and positive attitude, a loving giving heart and life of service for the Good of All that sustains me.
It is a blessing to have established the habit of inner listening over 30 years ago.
Even more gratitude to have been inspired to write them on computer every morning to be sent around the planet to now thousands of people who have requested receiving them.

Whatever you do well in life requires focus.
To be successful there must be purpose and direction.
To feel fulfilled asks only that we be consistent and constant.
And so it is that inner connection with your Authentic Self is essential.

Invite yourself to listen carefully in quiet times to what matters to you.
Ask yourself to discover and support what encourages and sustains you.
Look for what gives your energy and then give energy to that Source.
Remember that your life matters and your happiness and peace are a blessing.

Life is a gift that we give ourselves when we are awake.
So receive the gift of life and give it meaning in your choices everyday.
Honor yourself in every way.
Begin today.
Loving you,
Betty Lue