Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrate the Earth

Tomorrow is Earth Day.
I intend to see the new movie Earth this week with Robert.
A donation of $1 extra will plant a tree.
We are also planting another tree in our backyard plus lots more flowers this week.

What are you doing to celebrate this day like a Birth Day, a day of appreciation?
We humans often take the Good Mother for granted.
We assume she will continue to provide abundantly for our every need.
Or we don’t even notice what she is giving us every minute of every day.

The air we breathe comes from her.
The water we drink comes from her.
The food we eat comes from her.
The ground we walk on is hers.
The gas in our cars, the metal and wood in our buildings all are her resources.
Our temporary home, planet Earth, is a source of our physical sustenance.

The beauty we see, the sounds that we hear, the smells of nature are all her gifts to us.
What on this Earth Day can we return to her?
What on Earth can we give to that which gives us everything we know as life?
How do we demonstrate love and appreciation for that which is good and whole and beautiful?

Perhaps it is being a good steward and care taker of this Planet and her resources?
Perhaps it is remembering to conserve and not waste water and food?
Perhaps it is in recycling and stopping the pollution?
Perhaps it is in enjoying and honoring the beauty we behold all around us?

We can take a shorter shower and not run water needlessly.
We can use cloth bags when we go shopping.
We can stop using and dumping so much plastic stuff.
We can stop being consumption junkees and use what we have.

World War II conservation slogan:
Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make it do.
Or do without.

Let’s take some time to walk on the earth with respect.
Let’s see with forgiving eyes the beauty all around us.
Let’s give our best to offer our love and blessings for all we have.
Let’s receive with gratitude the food, the water, the air, the glory of nature.
Let’s appreciate and give thanks for her everyday!

Bless you Good Mother Earth for the bounty and beauty you so freely share with all creation.
We love you and thank you and commit to give our best to be mindful of all you share with us.

With gratitude and profound respect,
Betty Lue