Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Happy and Enjoy Today!

What will it take for you to be happy today?
What do you need to do or undo to enjoy this day?
What can you eliminate to take away stressful thoughts, words and activities?
What do you need to remember to fully enjoy all that is good and loving for you?

Is it possible that what was good yesterday or last year is no longer top priority?
Is it conceivable that you have gotten caught in the media fray about the economy?
Have you been pressuring yourself to have the same body, energy and lifestyle as before?
Are confused or overwhelmed by the complexity of life and the many demands for your time?

It seems like what I was doing did bring happiness and lots of energy.
But maybe riding on the fumes of yesterday’s pleasure deceived me into choosing again.
I am wondering if when life needs to take a sharp turn, I may have been caught off guard.
When I am committed to schedules, I don’t give myself permission to choose each day anew.

I am willing to use this moment as a wakeup call.
When there is upset, judgment, lack of joy, fatigue, there is a call for undoing and new choices.
In this time of renewal, I am choosing for transformation, change of diet, schedule, focus and energy.
Letting go of everything that is not Highest and Best with gratitude and forgiveness is the key.

Many times in life, even everyday, we are asked to choose again based on listening within right now.
When we have committed to others our availability, we may neglect to ask ourselves what works for us. When we have taken on the responsibilities of parenting and partnership, at home and work, we forget.
When we have been lost in the expectations and needs of others, we may ignore ourselves.

What is Best for You is Best for others.
When we are giving ourselves the very best, we teach others to do the same.
When we are honoring our own needs first, we give others a chance to honor themselves.
When we are treating ourselves with love, trust and respect, we demonstrate impeccable Self care.

A word about egoic selfishness and the “me first” attitude, so you can eliminate that inner conflict.
Egoic selfishness is about filling one’s petty needs at the expense or sacrifice of others.
The ego’s selfishness is for those who are only aware of themselves and see no one outside.
The “me first” generation comes from the position that everyone is out for themselves, so “get what you can any way that you can.”

True Self Service recognizes that only those who “Save” themselves and take “impeccable care of themselves” are in condition to help, to serve and to save others.
Choose a lifestyle that brings you inner happiness and fulfillment.
Let your light shine bright in your faithful gratitude and enjoyment.
Teach by example that Abundant Living is the Gift of Joyful Giving to yourself and all others.

Enough for now, as I remind myself and all others of the Happy Truth,
Blessed Be for so we are Blessed,
Betty Lue