Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Balance Your Life

It is in imbalance that we come to know the need for balance.
It is in over-giving that we find we need to receive.
It is in over-taking that we learn we must always give.
It is moderation and balance in all things that is natural and healthy.

As an abundant giver of All I have, I find great joy and fulfillment in giving.
As a grateful and happy willing servant of all that is Good for All, I am at peace.
As an inspired co-creator of beauty and goodness, wholeness and love, I feel attuned.
When I find myself tired, depleted, sick or confused, I recognize there is imbalance.

Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons….
Continuing to do what I have always done…
Giving because I made a commitment…
Being the one who is responsible……
All opportunities for lack of consciousness and imbalance.

What am I to do, to give, to say today?
What is highest and best for me now?
Not because it is in my schedule or because others depend on me.
I am choosing this because I am called today to love in this way.

I have been given a life in the country…….
In an environmentally conscious and holistic community.
I have co-created with Spirit and Robert a sanctuary of beauty and peace.
I have been offered a sacred space of renewal and creativity.
I have a place of renewal and openness where I can play music..piano, harp, omnichord, drums, flute…..
I have a creative room where I can paint, draw, create collages and and other creative expressions.
I have a place to write and complete books for publishing and write more that are coming through.
I have paths to walk and sit, to watch rabbits and birds of all kinds as the clouds go by.
I have flowers to plant and nurture, inspired by their beauty.
And everywhere I have God, the Goodness That Is.

We live in the country with sheep wind generators in the nearby fields.
We live near a small town of 8.000 people with a fabulous little library and hometown grocery store.
On our drive to the Pleasant Hill Center for Conscious Living and our Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood, we drive along the Sacramento River and see the fishing boat, all kinds of birds, cattle, goats, orchards, delta levees and wetlands. We enjoy the beauty, the diversity, the farms and those who work to bring food to our tables. We appreciate our little new Trilogy community which builds everything ‘green” and even has a naturopath on staff in our large clubhouse and fitness center. We feel supported and renewed here.

My recent changes in schedule and those that will come are my spirit’s response to fully receive what I have been given here in my new home and community. I am called to renew my energy, my creativity, to fill my spiritual gas tank, but giving myself more time simply to BE AT HOME.

Life changes everyday.
The work is to stay connected, communicating within and in balance with what is.
I am willing,
Betty Lue

Questions for You?
Where are you out of Balance?
What is Spirit calling you to choose or change anew?

Love is letting go of everything that is not loving You!