Sunday, April 12, 2009


What does this day mean to you?
We are giving everything we experience the meaning that is has for us.
Today I am here, alive, reawakening the Truth of my purpose.
And I am continuing to clear and cleanse, undo and renew physically, mentally and spiritually.

Today, the Easter of this year represents vision, new beginnings, the sunrise to a new day.
Easter is seen as the resurrection of the Christ within.
The Light has come.
We have forgiven the world. ACIM

And if Easter has no meaning for you, how about giving it a new and inspiring meaning?
How about giving each day something of value and purpose for you?
How about living each day to be truly happy?

What changes would that mean for you?

In this time off, I have used it as a “time out” , a form of sabbatical “Day of Rest”.
Instead of my usual rush to get back to my very full life of service, I have chosen to serve my Self.
The call is obvious and essential.
What Betty Lue have you been putting off until there is time?

What have you been putting off doing?

Wakeup calls come in many forms….
Financial, health, relationship, environmental changes all can wake us up.
When we stop to take stock of what is right and true and loving and good, we can see.
When we give to ourselves and others equally, we will know.

Each one of us has our areas of vulnerability or sensitivity.
It is in this area that we are called to learn, to let go.
It is when we are awake that we come to know what is real and meaningful.

It is in our Happy Being that we will shine all the time.

This Easter I am choosing to find my own happiness in simply Being.
This Easter I am awakening in me the knowledge that I am free.
This Easter I am claiming my natural inheritance of Abundant Happiness and Perfect Love.
This Easter I am remembering there is nothing to do, except Love simply Love, me and you.

And so it is.
Loving You and Me as One,
Betty Lue