Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are You In Love?

Love is our natural state.
Love is clear and focused.
Love is open and appreciative.
Love is enjoying and pure happiness.

Are you in Love?

No object of love to attach to.
No need for another’s reciprocation.
No loss of identity, but gaining fulfillment.
No regret or guilt when Love is forgotten.

Are you in love?

Can you see the sky and merge with its “blueness”
Can you feel the wind and sun on your skin?
Can you breathe in unlimited energy and inspiration?
Can you taste the richness of life’s feast with your senses?

Are you in Love?

Can you give yourself everything your ever wanted?
Can you love yourself for all that you are?
Can you laugh at your mistakes and enjoy what you are learning?
Can you comfort yourself with a reassuring word of kindness and love?

Are you in Love?

You are the One you seek, when you remember to Love You.
Love all of you.
Love your entire history, mistakes and all.
Love the aging and changing, rearranging and undoing.
Love the best and the worst, the last and the first.

Being in Love is a choice.
Now is your reminder.
Loving You,
Betty Lue