Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teach what you want to Learn

You will teach with enthusiasm and a beginner’s mind.

Live what you teach.
Set the example for others to follow.

Be obvious and public about your agreements.
Share what you know and who you are. To stay accountable.

Explore and experiment to discover what you believe.
Truth dawns on us through our life experiences.

Trust your inner knowing.
The inner voice is guiding us to life that is fun, safe and easy.

Give what you have to have more.
It is only through joyful giving that you discover the secret to being truly prosperous.

Honor the path of everyone without judgment.
As you respect and accept what appears to be, you can see the perfection of what really is.

Life is a series of connected miracles of awareness.
Our ignorance and blindness only come from being unwilling and afraid to see.

Enjoy your whole life and your life will consistently bring joy to you.
It is with inner peace and gratitude that you can fully receive the Goodness of Life.

Be patient with others as you would want them to be with you.
We cannot push, prod, demand or beg another’s process to move at our pace.

Give acknowledgement to others for the blessings they share with you.
Each thankfulness yields an exponential increase in the Good that already is.

Be willing to learn from everyone.
You will realize how we each are teachers and students together.

When meeting resistance, treat it with respect by moving around it gracefully.
Focus on the goal and be flexible in discovering a path around all obstacles.

Trust in the power of Love.
Know that love is at the core and Center of everything.

Create what is Good for all.
You creative potential is enhanced when you serve the highest Good of All concerned.

We are in this together, so pay attention.
Life is a gift from which we awaken in Love.

Always Loving, because I AM,
Betty Lue