Thursday, March 26, 2009

Supporting One Another

Supporting is Loving.
The best support is unconditional Love.
The best support is “I love you no matter what.”
The best support is an acknowledgement that no matter what you will not quit on Loving.

If someone in your life appears to be asleep at the wheel, having difficulty with coping, unaware, obnoxious, hurting, frustrated and angry, they are neglecting to support themselves with Love.
Therefore it is the work of the most conscious one to be supportive and openly loving.
If both people are feeling unsupported and there is no one conscious enough to choose for love, it is the response-ability of both parties to support and love themselves.

Loving requires little except the realization that Love is enough.
Loving requires a genuine desire to create a safe, fun and easy environment for yourself and the other to heal and grow, to be happy and fulfilled, to succeed and prosper.
When we come to realize that the other’s peace is our peace, the other’s happiness is our happiness, the other’s fulfillment is ours, we will give up the habit of withholding love.

Withholding Love is a learned decision which endangers everyone and may be caused and create fear, anger, loss of self, guilt, blame, withdrawal, control, martyrdom, righteousness and a myriad of other emotional reactions and defensive justifications.
Withholding Love never works,
Withholding Love is hurtful to everyone and always fails in the end.
Withholding Love is an ineffective strategy.

Loving is simple.
Loving is safe, fun and easy.
Loving works.
So why not give up the games and simply give it a try.


Blessings of Love for each and everyone of us,
Betty Lue