Monday, March 09, 2009

Step Away

When things aren’t going well, step away.
When you are frustrated, step way.
When you are trying to make something work for you, step away.
When you get tired, cranky and upset, step away.

When someone disagrees with you, step away.
When someone criticizes you, step away.
When you feel hurt or confused, step away.
When you are lost in uncertainty or doubt, step away.

It is the peace within you that see the possibilities.
It is the peaceful intention you have, that is truly powerful.
It is your inner peace that commands the situation.
It is you peaceful focus that clears for success.

Stepping away may be taking a walk.
Stepping away may be taking a bathroom room.
Stepping away may be a moment of prayer.
Stepping away may be simply breathing or counting to 10.

There is always a way around all obstacles.
There is always a way to reach harmony.
There is always a way to find healing.
There is always a way to return to your Center and Source.

Silence is a powerful gift in circumstances filled with empty words.
Being still is an opportunity to find true Knowledge and understanding.
Dropping your position and opinions opens the door for real listening.
Being quiet in the face of negativity gives the speaker undisguised feedback.

Stepping away from darkness and looking for the Light within brings peace.
Stepping away from fear and returning to your natural state of Love is healing.
Stepping away from defensive reactivity will stop destructive arguments and wars.
Stepping away from guilt and blame will establish fertile soil for peace and harmony.

Life invites to step into the light and step away from darkness.
Step into love and step away from hate.
Step into acceptance and step away from intolerance.
Step into kindness and step away from cruelty.

We choose how we use our mind, our emotions and our body.
Choose the best way and step away from the rest.

Blessings on our Holy Healing choices,
Betty Lue