Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is Here

What creates a fun, safe and easy life?
What inspires a life that is filled with joy, effectiveness and celebration?
What gives life meaning and a reason for being?
What encourages faith in the future and a desire to do well?

Learn quickly from everyone and everything.
Mistakes are gifts of learning and can be valued.
Risk looking foolish in order to experience novelty.
Attract people who are unique and provide different points of view.
Forgive as fast as you are able, letting go of all negative thoughts.
Foster positive thinking with association with positive people.
Give yourself and your talents generously appreciating the giving.
Feed yourself the balanced diet you require with work and play, relaxation and creativity.
Acknowledge your differences by really knowing yourself and your preferences.
Spend each day in integrity with the best in you.
Support your mission in life by giving yourself the people, positions and possibilities you need.
Own your own areas of difficulty, avoidance, ignorance and preferences.
Be able to laugh at yourself and your world in all its irony and inconsistency.
Remember life is learning how to Love and respect you and then Love and respect others as well.
Relinquish the need to criticize, blame, hold resentments and regret.
Undo all unnecessary stuff, memories and fantasies.
Expect only that you will be provided with the Good you are called to give and do.
Know the richest gift in life is the gift of living consciously.
Value your life by giving it your full attention and intention.
Know you will be known by how you live and give more than by degrees, wealth and accolades.
Acknowledge that you are fully responsible for you, your thoughts, words and actions.
Be willing to take responsibility for your relationships, your environment and your finances.
Enjoy the learning that comes from every person and every situation.

Life is good when we treat it as the valuable gift of remembering to heal, learn, grow and give.

Blessings to each one of us for being willing to begin anew today and everyday!

Loving you and me and all life as One,
Betty Lue