Friday, March 13, 2009

It’s Your Lucky Day

Friday the 13th.
What you believe you see and experience.
On a conscious or even unconscious level, we are projecting our beliefs onto our world.
We do receive exactly what we expect, ask for and believe will be to the degree to which we believe it.

How about making everyday your lucky day!
How about expecting everything to be a blessing.
How about opening your mind to the Abundant Good
How about anticipating miracles everywhere.

We are creating our experience by what we project.
We attract our experiences by what we believe.
We select what we want to see with our unconscious choice.
We affirm what we value and deny what we don’t value.

We can place energy into what we don’t want and it demonstrates our value for it.
Negative reactions can be even more powerful in creating than bland positive responses.
Where we give our power we grow that in our experience.
What we fear or resist can become more potent with our defensiveness.

How about changing your mind?
How about choosing to receive only Good?
How about moderating your response and reactions?
How about letting go with gratitude and choosing with trust?

Life is meant to be a clear learning experience.
We are learning how to activate our creative power.
We are letting go of our judgments and fears.
We are choosing to be response-able for what is in our lives.

All of this is healthy, spirit-guided awakening to the Truth of our Being.
When we give our gifts and our love fully, we begin to see the difference we can make.
When we open our hearts to respond always and only with Love, respect and Kindness grows all around.
When we are really present with the circumstances in our lives with compassion, forgiveness and blessing, our world and our relationships are blessed.

Life is our opportunity to notice how powerful we really are when we live in Love and give with Joy.
Peace, Love , Joy and Abundance are our natural state.
When we step into humanity’s mistaken beliefs, we may forgot, but we do not change the Truth.
Life waking us up to be the change we want to see in every relationship and every place.

So enjoy the power of Loving and Letting Go,
Betty Lue