Saturday, February 28, 2009

What’s Happening and How To Respond?

Reacting with fear only gets us in stress.
Distress causes faulty thinking and difficulty functioning.
Too much fear clouds your perceptions and clogs your activity flow.
When things seem to be falling apart around us, it is time to get our thoughts and values together.

Fear seems to paralyze and shut us down.
Hope will open up just a little sundhine on the cloudy days.
What is happening right now in our lives can all be used for good.
What got us into trouble was getting too comfortable and going to sleep.

When we sink into lethargy or complacency, we lose sight of what matters and makes a difference.
Now we are experiencing a wakeup call for all of us to look at our lack of responsibility and respect.
We are being woken up by the clarion call of economic crisis.
Something it takes a disaster or emergency to stop and reevaluate our values, our choices and ourselves.

What can you see by looking around you?
· Too much greed and extraneous neediness?
· Too much dependency o someone else to make our decisions for us?
· Too much lack of self control and making choices that are healthy for all?

What would it take for you to live on less?
· Preparing your own meals?
· Walking to the grocery store?
· Stop buying anything you do not absolutely need?
· Carpooling or public transportation to work?
· Eliminate all but essential spending?
· Share housing and meals with others.
· Open your life to contributing time and energy to serving and helping others.
· Be grateful for everything you have.
· Learn to use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

This will change our lives for the good.

Blessing us all each one,
Betty Lue