Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Truth About You

You are created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
You were created by our Creator to create what is Good, Beautiful and Holy.
You are a gift of Light, a heavenly dose of Love.
You are here to clear the blocks to fully and freely being Love.

So how does that translate in daily life?
First let go of all the memories, untruths and limiting beliefs that you are not.
Second, forgive yourself for withholding the Love You Are from anyone at anytime.
Third, breathe in the Love that abounds in You and around You.
And know that you are full of Love and your only need it to extend Love always in all ways.

Keeping it simple….
Observe where you are distracted, disappointed and delayed from bringing forth Positive energy.
Acknowledge to yourself that you have made an error and forgive your self for withholding.
Allow yourself to reset your mind, reorganize your thinking and return to BE the Love You Are.
Remember Love is our Natural State, the purpose for which we all are created.
When we forget something has gone wrong.

Remember that what you believe, thoughts in your mind, become the perceptions you see with your eyes.
Recognize that our work is to undo the beliefs which are not what we want to be and see.
Renew your mind by remembering your origin, the Source of the Love in you.
Life is for giving. You are the Gift. When you give your Gift freely, you realize the Gift you are.

Time for us to leave to be with those three Grandchildren, Harper and Lila, almost 4 yr. old twins and Beckett, their 27 month old brother. Always a fun day.. today painting doors in the playroom with chalkboard paint, grocery shopping and lots of silliness.

Loving you all in all the unique and meaningful ways you are remembering to Love,
Betty Lue