Sunday, February 15, 2009


Everyone is our partner in life.
Wherever we encounter anyone, we have for the moment partnered with them in living Love.
Each interaction is an excuse for healing, helping, creating and celebrating.
Each relationship can be dedicated to Holiness, because that is its True Purpose.

When we have a phone conversation, as partners we can seek understanding through listening.
We can clarify the purpose of the caller,
We can join the Highest Outcome by listening within ourselves as to how best to respond.
When we are too busy or unable to comply with a request, we can always wish the best for the other.

This is the immediate application of the Golden Rule to “Do for others as you would want done for you”.

In life, we can join as partners with the salesman, nurse or friend in getting the job done easily.
At home, we can join with our children in accomplishing their chores successfully.
In our marriages, we can join as partners to make everyday tasks be fun, safe and easy.
In our relationship with self, we can be our own cheerleaders and helpful partners.

Relationships are all partnerships and teammates.
Each one of us has a job to do.
When we resist or interfere in the other’s success, we have become an adversary, or a competitor.
Life is about joining for success, being partners in Goodness, Happiness and Prosperity for all.

The effective life is one in which everyone is better for knowing you.
The successful life is one in which you contribute to the success of all.
The happy life is one in which you share your happiness with everyone.
The loving life is one in which you celebrate the Love in each one you encounter.

We are literally partners for life.
As I know I am your partner, I seek only your Good.
When I treat you as my partner, I love and respect you well.
When I am joined with you, there is no one and nothing that can harm our love.

Blessings to all you Partners.
I love you, trust you and I thank you for being my partner in life.
Betty Lue