Thursday, February 19, 2009


Are you seeking and seeing the miracles of Love?
Do you appreciate the beauty and Goodness you see?
Are you aware of what happens when there is love in your heart?
Do you receive all the Love being given to you in every way every day?

When we are seeking bad stuff in order to avoid trouble, we find bad stuff.
When we are fearing, complaining and judging, we create and attract more of the “yuck”.
What we seek, we find.
What we focus on, we strengthen and increase.

The mind is a powerful tool.
It searches for satisfaction of what it believes.
The mind works to make us “right”.
When we have a belief about something, we discredit evidence to the contrary.

It serves us to seek for Love.
It blesses us to believe in Love.
It benefits us to receive Love.
It strengthens us to appreciate Love.

Love is our natural state.
The world teaches otherwise.
Love is the energy of creation.
The world teaches differently.

What we seek, we find and create.
What we see, we strengthen.
What we fear, we attract.
What we resist, persists.

We know these things are true, but to remember to undo what we no longer want to experience.
To undo what is not Love, requires forgiveness or a mental eraser.
Give up believing, seeking and seeing the bad and unloving stuff.
Start focusing on what is good and beautiful and true and it will grow.

Life is a miracle of Love when we believe it can be so.
I am willing to forgive everything and everyone, including myself.
See what appears when we erase everything.
The miracle is Love will show up in your life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue