Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let Go of Childish Ways

Yes, It is time for us to grow up.
Yes, it is time to become responsible for our happiness.
Yes, it is time for us to be willing to let go of immature behavior.
Yes, it is time to choose the quality of our lives and our relationships.

This is a matter of conscious choice.
It is not dependent on another person.
It is not dependent on finances or agreements.
It is dependent on willingness to be totally responsible for thoughts, words and actions.

How do we grow up and take responsibility?
How do we let go of childish temper tantrums and ranting?
How do we stop unconscious and habitual behaviors?
How do we let go of ineffective and sometimes destructive communication?

Children blame others with “They made me so mad.” Or “He asked for it.”
Adults take responsibility for their own reactions and interactions and their results.
Children hit back, blame and seek revenge, either sneaky or direct.
Adults step away from negative behaviors, listen for the most effective way to respond.

The reactions of most people to negative behavior is to react with negativity.
This is ignorant and ineffective behavior.
To deal with difficult people or negative experiences requires forgiveness and mindfulness.
To create positive interactions demands that we stop taking others behavior personally.

Effective “Responses “come from respect and Love.
“Reactions” are based on fear and lack of respect.
Being proactive requires that we learn from every interaction how to treat others with respect.
Being effective requires that we love, trust and respect ourselves and teach others to do the same.

How you respond to each person and situation is unique according to the circumstances.
There is no right way or wrong way.
It is important that you do not provoke, blame or fight back.
If you want peace, respect and win-win solutions, you must be peaceful, respectful and seek only the Highest Good for all concerned.

When someone is angry, step away with respect.
Plan to discuss when both parties can be calm and clear.
When someone is demanding, restate what you believe they are asking for.
If you are in agreement, speak respectfully that you are willing.
If not, state simply, that will not work for you.
If the other is not satisfied, wait until both parties can sit down uninterrupted to negotiate a reasonable and fair mutual agreement.

More later, But always Love.
Find you own center of honesty and integrity and think, speak and act according to your values,
Seeking always and only what is effective and responsible,
Betty Lue