Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keys to Successful Relationships

These are some of the notes from my Sunday talk at Unity on the Delta.
Enjoy them. I invite you to ask questions and for clarification.
While there are now thousands of readers of these daily reminders, I am not overwhelmed with emails to answer.
For those who genuinely have a suggestion of a topic or further clarification, I am happy to accommodate.
Betty Lue

These apply to All Relationships with Self, Source, Partners, Children, and others.

Joining- Join for the Highest Good of all parties.
Seek a common goal and purpose. i.e. Love, Peace, Happiness, Harmony, Fulfillment, Fun.
Honesty- Think, speak and act in integrity with your Highest Values.
To thine own Self be true. Speak as Christ to the Christ. Speak the language understood by the other.
Equality- See all as equal in the eyes of God.
Recognize your Oneness with all creation. Know no one less than or greater than yourself.
Commitment- Dedicate your life to God and Goodness.
In our commitment to what is genuinely highest and best for each and all parties, we know Good.
Responsibility- Love responds to everything with Love.
When I am responsible for the Love I Am, I seek to be, to have and give only Love.

Look for common ground in your relationships. Find the place of connection and agreement.
Focus on the similarities rather than emphasize and argue about the differences.

Share what inspires and strengthens rather than dumping your pain and problems on others.
Give what you want to receive to everyone you encounter.

Recognize the value of each person’s giving and know their intention is good.
Relinquish the comparative and evaluative mind, seeking to get more and give less.

Commit to live your own mission and Spiritual Truth. Honor the mission and Holy Purpose of all others.
See that life invites us to let go of our attachments and neediness and step into conscious inspired giving.

Be responsible for your own well-being by loving your whole self really well. When you have first given to you and handled your own needs, you can freely give to others in a healthy way.

Helpful and Destructive Ways of Relating
· No toxic dumping, Let go of emotional and mental negativity in private.
· No arguing. Listen to the differences by seeking to find similarities, Step away and offer peace.
· Be patient with others and yourself. Impatience and frustration create fear, chaos and shutdown.
· Listen for the deeper meaning. See the need for Love or the desire to love and appreciate.
· Honor the needs of others, when they will not harm anyone.
· The most conscious person is able and willing to let go of their need to be right or get their way.
· Acknowledge when your buttons are pushed (upset) and go inside to clear, claim and heal within.
· Take care of yourself first. Notice that upsets are past similars calling for your healing.
· When in doubt about what to do or say, simply pray for inner guidance, listen within and follow.
· Respect with Love rather than with fear. Teach with kindness, rather than demands and threats.
· Make no one more special than anyone else. Give your best to each one your encounter.
· You know what you would want: respect, responsibility and cooperation with Love. So give it!

Always Loving,
Betty Lue