Thursday, February 26, 2009

Give your Self the Best!

Take impeccable care of your Self.
Love, trust and respect yourself.
What is Best for you is best for others.
This is practical, not selfish.

When you are your best, living your full potential and giving from your fullness, everyone benefits.

It takes a change of mind to recognize that when you are tired and hungry, you cannot give the best.
When you are upset and hurting, you are not best for others.
When you are scared and defensive, you are not best for anyone.
When you are confused and distracted, you are not at your best.

Take time everyday to prepare yourself for being your vest self.
Stop overwhelm.
Stop martyrdom.
Stop pushing yourself.
Stop criticizing yourself.

Give yourself simplicity.
Give yourself time off.
Give yourself ease and kindness.
Give yourself always forgiveness.

When you are willing and able to give yourself the very best, others will be blesses.

Such is the truth in the most basic way.

Loving you today and everyday,
Betty Lue