Monday, February 23, 2009

Did You Know?

Some have questions about the two Centers, Reunion’s Center for Conscious Living and Unity’s Center for Inspired Living.
We volunteer our services and contribute to both non-profit centers.
Both serve the community, so I support them with time, spiritual direction, and lots of Love.

I wear many hats!
I love diversity and to be well utilized.
This is what inspires me and brings great happiness and fulfillment!

Grandparents on Thursdays in Alameda with Harper & Lila (46 mos). and Beckett 28 mos.)
At 6:30AM we home arriving at 8AM and leaving Alameda at 6:30AM and our home at 8PM, we play, sing, go to the park and tumbling, cook and do errands, and make life easier for Mom and Dad.
Grandparents on Fridays in Petaluma, from 6:30AM to 8PM with 10 yr. old Gia and 3 yr. old Sofia.
Two very different learning experiences for Robert and I, where we are fully present with very happy loving children who express themselves clearly and with great joy to those adults who respond.

As Founder and Director of Reunion Ministries since 1976, I founded a counseling, healing personal growth center in Walnut Creek, CA and co-founded (with Robert Waldon) and directed holistic spiritual centers and retreats in Santa, Rosa, CA, Arden, North Carolina, Pleasant Hill, CA, Bozeman, Montana, Bloomington, Indiana, Kalamazoo, Michigan and returned to California in 1999. All were non-profit and all financially supported by Reunion Ministries and the work we do.

Since July 2006, I am Co –Director of the Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill, responsible for the space, plus my own therapy and coaching practice, teaching two weekly classes (Inspired Living and Relationship Coaching Circle), monthly free seminars and facilitating the Living Ministry Program with now 30 trained and ordained ministers and 13 currently in the two year program. The staff are all independent contractors offering services in spiritual growth, bodywork and energy healing, counseling, coaching, therapy, homeopathy, chiropractic and other healing resources. I offer my services and classes on a contribution basis and encourage everyone to participate regardless of their financial circumstances.
Center for Conscious Living is sponsored by Reunion Ministries as their community outreach.

Since January 2007, I am Co-Minister with Robert for Unity on the Delta, a small congregation now in Oakley, CA. We are moving in March to Brentwood, CA where we will have our own Center for Inspired Living. We are leasing a 1200sf suite with a large meeting room, plus 4 small rooms for library/bookstore, a spiritual counseling, coaching office, a Sunday school room for adults and children, plus a kitchen-computer all purpose room. Robert and I serve there in many ways, all for the love of inspiration and service. The Unity church functions with its own board utilizing my services for educational programs, space organization, fund-raising, scheduling and Center administration, Sunday services, and soon spiritual counseling and coaching and more classes. Sundays are fully given to Unity and there are the Miracles classes on Tuesdays and the other preparation work for the many Unity projects.
Center for Inspired Living is the ministry outreach of Unity on the Delta.

And, I write these Loving Reminders daily (usually early in the AM as part of my spiritual practice.)
I exercise, prepare all our own vegetarian meals with fresh organic produce, keep our home simply serene and well-organized and enjoy the partnership with Robert whose mission with me is to be “On-call for God and for Good!” Life is full, varied, lived with enthusiasm and moderation in all things.
We live simply, so we can give abundantly.

Always Love,
Betty Lue