Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can we Trust God and Goodness?

Can we Trust God and Goodness?
Do we Realize we are Always Love?
Are we Willing to forgive ourselves?
Can we Let go of form and know our function continues?

Grief and guilt --- worry and fear.
Pairs of pain and suffering for the ones who hold them dear.
How can we grieve when we know only Love?
How can we worry when we have perfect Trust?

In life, we are given and receive many opportunities to cling to what we have.
In life, we are offered the worldly perspective that physical life is all we have.
In life, we are expected to regret our forgetfulness and errors of omission.
In life, we are often taught by guilt and motivated by fear.

So how can it be that these are humanity’s tools of affecting stuckness rather than change?
Have we erred in our perception by imaging that changing form is more real than the unseen?
Have we been blinded by our senses to believe what the body knows is more real that what the Spirit Is?
Can we forgive our attachment to what the masses hold true and dear and ask again what is Real?

As I experience the Letting go of what is seen with my eyes and heard by ears and felt in touch,
I realize how limited and temporary they are in Truth.
The personality has layers of history, beliefs, expectations and fears which limits its function.
The body has the constraints of time which change the way it loves, and gives and serves.
The Truth of the Soul, the Spirit of the Being is limitless in time and space and eternity.

We are more than we know.
Our Love is more real that how we Love.
Our Wisdom comes from the heart, not the mind.
Our Peace is Perfect in our Trust only of Good.

Yes, in life it appears we create changing esperiences and relationships.
In life, people, things, abilities, places all come and go.
But what is Real in the True and lasting sense, never changes.
The Love that binds us is present without consideration of form or function.

We are here to remember Who We Are and Why We Are Here.
Love always loves.
Peace simply extends Peace.
Purpose is but to remember when we forget.
And so it is,

Remembering always and only to Love,
Betty Lue

Because we Love you!
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