Thursday, January 15, 2009

True Partnership

When you are in partnership with a spouse, your children, co-workers and teammates, you will be successful only when you follow keys that foster equal partnership.

What do “true partners” do?
They offer support and encouragement. They do not blame.
They share the same goals. They do not distract, interfere or create conflict.
They are honest and open. They do not withhold information, love or appreciation.
They share responsibility equally. They do not accuse or expect the other to do more.
They always give their best. They do not treat one use guilt or demands to get performance.
They are committed to do what is Good for All concerned. They do not look out for their own self interests.

Keys for Successful Relationships and Partnerships:
Joining- Create a unified goal or vision for future outcome.
Honesty- Openly share yourself holding no secrets or withholds.
Equality- Each partner gives their best in each situation.
Commitment- Both commit to what is for the best of both.
Responsibility- Be able and willing to respond with no guilt or blame to all outcomes.
Take total responsibility for the quality of the relationship.

True partners share mutual respect and appreciation for one another.
True partners take on full responsibility for the areas in which they want to lead.
True partners encourage and appreciate one another in good times.
True partners forgive their judgments and help each other in difficult times.
True partners are patient and understanding, compassionate and kind.
True partners easily give what the other is open to receive.
True partners wait to be asked before giving advice or suggestions.
True partners are willing to let the each other learn from their own mistakes.
True partners believe in life’s process of learning, letting go, laughing and loving.
True partners always celebrate success and share learning from the failures.
True partners find the best ways to love one another and remember to give love freely.
True partners have confidence in one another and value the relationship.

You and I are true partners, even though we may not know one another when we are willing to live and give our very best.

Blessings abound,
Betty Lue
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