Friday, January 16, 2009

Setting High Standards

I just asked myself,
“Am I setting my sights too high for humanity?”
“Am I asking too much for my brothers and sisters on the planet?”
“Am I wanting what is not humanly possible?”
“Am I expecting too much for all of us?”

Or is it possible that humanity has set its sights too low?
Is it possible that we are asking too little of each other and ourselves?
Are we wanting what is easy and not challenging people to reach for more?
Are we expecting too little, just so we are not disappointed?

If you can do the “right” thing some of the time, why not do it all of the time?
If you can smile at special people, why not smile at everyone?
If you can watch your food intake and money expenditures even once, why not everyday?
If you can speak with respect to those you admire, why not treat everyone respectfully?

Have we lowered our standards for honesty, sobriety, spending, fitness and responsibility?
Have we allowed people to get away with murder, just because they have money or power?
Are we letting ourselves lie, cheat and steal, by saying everyone does it?
Are we giving ourselves permission to be lazy, sloppy and irresponsible, just because no one cares?

I know that when we are impeccable with our lives, we feel confident and strong.
I know when we live in integrity with our ethics and values, we feel capable and powerful.
I know when we really love, trust and respect ourselves, we create trust and respect from others.
I know we are happy, creative and prosperous when we think, speak and live the highest and best.

So what keeps us from always being our best?
Why do we settle for conforming to ordinariness?
Why not rise about the masses and choose a better way
Why not live and give in integrity with the highest values?

Now is the time for us to live up to the standards of our elders and most admired teachers.
We are the ones who can turn the tide and begin to live in a way that inspires, encourages and teaches.
There is a call for leaders, teachers, ministers and healers who walk their talk and live their Truth.
Yes, we can declare our willingness to do the personal work to clean up our lives and lead the way.

Let’s begin now for the sake of ourselves and all of humanity,
Betty Lue