Monday, January 26, 2009

New Moon and Vietnamese New Year

Make everyday special to keep yourself on track.
Live, love and give your best to keep yourself happy.
Know what you Really want to experience and give your all.
Forgive, erase and undo whatever no longer serves you, and be free to choose again.

Life is a merry-go-round of brass rings waiting for you to grab the one that fulfills you.
When you are living in a house of horrors or getting dizzy from too much change, step away.
Take time off each day to stop and be grateful for what is best and forgive and forget the rest.
It is our own individual and unique life we are living: it is all ours to choose, to co-create, to enjoy.

We may listen to a motivational speaker, read a spiritual teach or watch Oprah and her guests.
We may read inspirational material and Holy Books, but we must realize it is ours to choose.
Every one has a unique path, some with bumps and missteps, some clear and free, all is in order.
We cannot compare or change another’s course for the lessons arrive in perfect ways to teach and learn.

It is minding others’ gardens while not tending our own that keeps us separate and in competition.
It is giving the advice we need to hear that keeps us feeling smug and better than others.
It is caring for another, but not taking impeccable care of our own stuff that makes our help incomplete.
It is avoiding and pushing away those who have come to teach compassion and kindness that divides us.

In life we have an opportunity to learn from everyone.
We can take care of ourselves and let our lives be a teaching model.
We can use each day and this day to choose again for what is helpful.
We can honor ourselves as we honor one another and vice versa.

New Moon is know as a time to plant seeds.
Seeds are choices, new vision, creative and helpful projects, opportunities to live better and contribute.
Make your own simple list of what you want to build, create, do and give this month.
Bless it and place it in a Holy Book, or some place where you can find it later.

Vietnamese New Year is a time to celebrate and to realize the possibilities for the coming year.
And always use whatever moment to focus and reaffirm what you really want.

I choose to give my very best to myself and to everyone I encounter and think of.
I choose to be present in my life and to appreciate that I am playing my Holy and healing part.
I choose to make no assumptions about what is true for you and to open my heart to know and love you.
I choose to believe the very best about those I meet, to see the Love and Wholeness within.
I choose to forgive the errors of my mind and the apparent mistakes of others
I choose to be the Love I AM with everyone.

Always Loving,
Betty Lue

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