Wednesday, January 21, 2009


There is always and everywhere healing and transforming LOVE.
The only question is our willingness to receive it! To simply Be It!

When we are free of guilt, we can open to receive love.
When we are free of fear, we can circulate Love.
When we are free of anger, we can extend Love.
When we are free of sorrow, we can experience Love.

When we are free, we are Love.

It is Love that guides the way.
It is Love that save our day.
It is Love that heals the heart.
It is Love that gives us hope.
It is Love that brings peace.
It is Love that offers release.

What is this thing we name “LOVE”?

Love is the energy of life.
Love is the ending of all strife.
Love is the Light that bring new growth.
Love is the creativity of youth.
Love is the source from which our wisdom comes.
And Love that brings us safely home.

Love is chi, energy, the very staff of life.
Love is the freedom that comes from perfect Trust.
Love is the opportunity to choose a better way.
Love is allows us to forgive ourselves for unhealthy ways we play.

And yes, Love comes in many forms, but really no form at all.
Love is the audible call to serve.
Serve our neighbors and our friends, but also enemies and strangers we have yet to know.
Love reminds us of our purpose here, to awaken and Love each One as our Creator and our Source.

And Love is Gratitude.
I am so grateful we can choose again to remember Love when we have forgotten.
I am amazed I can right the wrongs within my heart and mind by simply remembering to be kind.
Be kind to myself by forgiving errors of omission and withholds I have ignored.
I can forgive and choose to Love again, me and you and everything for all time.

This is Good. This is service.
This is changing my world from within me.
This is the Love that sets me free to be.

Always Love,
Betty Lue