Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Morning, God!

This is one of your kids, one of your presents of love in the world.
I thank you for all the healing and the light.
I thank you for the warmth and the love.
I thank you for the wisdom and the learning.
I thank you for the patience and the trust.
I thank you for the forgiveness and faith in us.
I thank you for the freedom to choose again.
I thank you for unlimited opportunities.
I thank you for the glorious reflective world in which I can see my mistakes and my successes.
I thank you for the Holy Spirit that guides my day and highlights my way.
I thank you for the ones who show me how to live and be Love in the world.
I thank you for supporting my growth in growing into All I am meant to be.

I am willing give you the best that I have.
I choose to be healing and kind with myself.
I choose to be warm and loving with others.
I choose to be patient and trust the process.
I choose to forgive myself and all others and to have faith in us all.
I choose to be free in my choices, always choosing for the Highest Good of all.
I choose to say YES to the opportunities to heal and grow, love and serve.
I choose to recognize and learn from my mistakes.
I choose to be grateful for my successes.
I choose to listen to Holy spirit and follow in the ways of Love.
I choose to respect those who show me how to live a better life, giving always and only my Best.
I choose to grow in sincere faith, grow in joyful service, and grow in appreciation for All That Is.

Now I see the rest is up to me.
I am here to remember my commitment and to live my choices.
I am here to learn how to be All that I AM created to be.
And I am grateful this is so.

Always Love,
Betty Lue

I am spending the next few days on retreat for a time of reflection and self renewal.
I will be practicing impeccable self care (so I can serve my purely), inner listening ( so I can follow more nearly) and profound gratitude, (so I can love more dearly), day by day.