Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gifts of Love

Your affirmative prayers and spiritual healing energy is appreciated.

On Tuesday my Mom, Marian Fisher, fell while getting into her car to take a ride to play cards.
First ER xray showed nothing, but severe pain wouldn’t allow her to move at all. Later CAT scan revealed fractured 5th cervical . An excellent neurosurgeon was called in and he was great. Called on the best cardio-pulmonary physician and best neurosurgical and cardio-pulmonary nurses to attend and she was in a 10-11 hr surgery all day yesterday with metal plate on front and back of spine to stabilize. So far all is well. She will be sleeping for 24 hrs or so and then hospital for about a week and then convalescent hospital for physical therapy and healing.

Mom has had many surgeries, both knee and hip replacements, plus others. Over her 87 years, she has weathered many physical challenges with a great optimistic attitude. She is feisty and went into surgery with a positive attitude. Her philosophy is “No worry, no anger, no guilt and no fear!” We know that her Spirit is strong and choosing what is highest and Best for her. She is in good hands at the hospital and in even better hands with your Love and the Love of God. Thank you for sending your own form of prayer and healing. She has loved and served many many people as a volunteer during her life and continues to look for ways to help and be of encouragement to others. This is a good and Godly woman who is resting in the Love of God. Thank you.

Gifts of Love

You are a gift of Love.
Your life is for giving.
When you give yourself with open hearted gratitude and joy, you realize the Gift You Are.
The service we give expands our realization of our True Loving Self.

When we give without obligation or sacrifice, we realize the blessing is given to us in the giving.
When we give with Love, we receive what we give.
When we contribute the Best, we recognize the Best in us.
When we volunteer to do Good, we increase our awareness of the Good in us.

The work is to remember.
Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow.
Give Love and you will know,
Doing what comes naturally.
(Song written many years ago by Betty Lue)

The more we let our Love Light shine, the more we see the Love and goodness around us.
The more we sing our songs of praise, the more we are happy for all our day.
The more you give what you have been given, the more you limitless you realize your gifts to be.
Pretty soon you will sing and love, heal and pray, laugh and shine endlessly.

I am loving you, loving me, loving all!
Betty Lue