Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day To Serve

Everyday is a day to serve.
Dare to dream.
Have the courage to live your dream.
Share your dream with others.
Commit to it for yourself.
Give it freely to others.
Be grateful you are taking action.

Yes, you too have a dream inside of you.
You are called to live the dream.
When you give yourself fully to what you know can be true, you are fulfilled, happy and at peace.
When you wait while the dream is calling you, you are depressed, lethargic, even critical of others.

You see each one of us is given a calling a yearning, a vision for what the world can be.
Each one of us is called to set this calling be free.
We are the ones who make the difference day by day, each one in a personal way.
Ask yourself, how you can serve today this calling and vision within.

It is time to begin.
This is our time of inauguration and new beginnings.
Wait no longer, for this is our time.
We are the ones.

If you want more respect, serve today with respect for everyone and everything.
If you want humanity to be more responsible, serve today by being truly responsible.
If you want cleanliness on the highways and streets, take a few hours to clean up litter.
If you want to encourage people to serve, inspire them by example and serve obviously.

Ask what matters to you most.
Elders treated with respect and love?….Serve at a Senior Center or Nursing Home.
Youth needing guidance?…..Volunteer to lead a youth group or assist in local High School.
Environment needing beautification?….. Join Sierra Club events or plant a tree or some flowers.
More spirituality and inspiration?....Find a like-minded church, start a book study group to share.
Encourage good neighbors? …. Invite people to event to build community caring and service.
Better health for all?.......Educate your self and your family and live healthy habits.

Every day in every way, we can serve the dream we carry within our hearts.
Everyday with everyone, we can share the true Goodness we have begun.
Everyday with all we know, we can give our best and let it show to inspire.
We are serving the Good within, the dream and vision we are here to begin.

So let’s just Do It!
You can and we will change our world together,
Betty Lue

Celebration for Change
January 20, Tuesday, 7-9PM
Center for Conscious Living
140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200,
Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523

Join us to acknowledge and celebrate your role in the healing and transformation of our nation and all people.

Now is the Time and We are the Ones!

This event is open to the public, as well as Inspired Living Students.

· Drumming to Awaken Our Planet;
· Welcome and Sharing Intention for the Gathering;
· Meditation and Visioning the Change we Want to See;
· Brainstorming Opportunities to Participate;
· Acknowledging Willingness, Commitment and Action;
· Open-hearted Appreciation and Positive Prayer